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Was invited to donate a story for free distribution at World Fantasy this fall. My publisher okayed a reprint of “The Director’s Cut,” a literary horror story–I think it will be cool to be in everyone’s book bag!

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One of the highlights for me of World Fantasy this year was running into R Scott Bakker, whom I hadn’t seen for several years. We had a great conversation, late into the night. Also, my reading was well attended by about 15 people, which really surprised me. Also, got my copy of Among Others signed by Jo Walton. The art show was small, but high quality. Good friends, good restaurants, Edge book launch!

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So, the mermaid novel is on hold for a bit, while I make sure I have everything I need for World Fantasy. I’m doing a reading, not a panel, and I have my piece picked out; and of course, I need my pitch ready and my completed novel in good shape. It’s a while since I looked at my whole novel, and you know, I really still love it. Found an awkward sentence or two to fix, and now all I have to do is meet the right agent or editor!

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So much to tell! First, my good friend, Barb Galler-Smith, used to live in San Diego (her parents still do) so she had a minivan and knew her way around, and took several of us to restaurants, to see a lighthouse and to the beach, as well as to the San Diego Zoo (very cool).

Then, the panelling was really good–I took in lots, but still missed panels I wanted to see (like the one on stupid people). My panel went fine–I sat next to Shawna McCarthy!

And I reconnected with old friends and new–David Coe, Walter Jon Williams, Michael Cassutt (bought his book), Dave Smeds, and others. One highlight was being in a small group at a party where Connie Willis told hilarious stories of dinners-out gone awry. Okay, lots of name-dropping, but really, it was so great. And, I met two agents and two editors, got requests for partials and one full. With 3 books ready to go, I was able to respond to them all.

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Got the story edited for OnSPEC and the chapter for Edge–have a new chapter to edit for them now! Took a couple of days to hike with my sister and saw some spectacular scenery. Perfect weather. Did a little over 50 k in 4 days, with a total of about 5000 ft elevation gain and loss. Some sore muscles, but good food and a good visit with my sister. AND I thought of another short story idea! Wow, and I still don’t have my last short story (that was workshopped) edited…

And, got my hotel room for World Fantasy, coming up in a little over a month!

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Which, of course, is the whole point of the weekend. I was able to approach Jim Minz and remind him of a favorable rejection he gave me on a previous novel and he invited me to submit my new novel to Baen, which I will do post-haste. Wish me luck, everyone!


P.S. My reading from “The Director’s Cut” from Tesseracts Fourteen at the Edge Launch went very well; we also had readings from Jemma, Rigor Amortis and Evolve. And, there was chocolate!

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Of course, my plane left half an hour late from Calgary, so the hour and a half I was supposed to have to transfer planes in Toronto became only an hour, so I was running madly to get my bag, get through customs (interrupted by multiple airline agents saying, “sorry, this customer has to bump you because he has a connection”) and run several really long corridors to get to the right gate. A lady was standing there saying, “Are you on this flight?” and I called out “Yes!” and she said “Get on!” So I slip into my seat — the last empty one on the plane — as the stewardess is going over the drill, and wondering . . . will my suitcase make it?

Then, looking out the window, I see a guy driving a little electric cart over — with my red suitcase on it. But I think, “the propellors are going — how can he load it on the plane?” And then I see him trot around the wing, my suitcase on his shoulder, and hear a clunk at the back of the plane. So yes, I got here, and so did my luggage!

Met up with old friends and met new ones. Panels are interesting, parties are good. Will read a little from Tess 14 on Saturday at Edge’s launch, AND I get to wear my Aurora pin on my badge. Post more soon!

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I leave Wednesday and am really looking forward to it! I will appear on a panel (Dream-Inspired Fantasy) and the programming looks inspiring. But before I go, I want to finish revisions to chapter 19. There are only 21 chapters, so revisions should be complete by the end of the month (yes, I’ll be working on the last bits in Ohio)!

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I am up to Chapter 8 and loving every minute of it! Writing is what I love to do — and I believe the book is tight and cohesive. Hope I can find a publisher in Ohio next month!

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